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Welcome to Royal Roastery, your number one source for all things COFFEE and Nuts. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best, with high-quality ingredients from around the world and a focus on Middle Eastern chocolates, sweets, and custom products.

Founded in 2019, Royal Roastery has come a long way from its beginnings, with over 17 years of experience in nut roasting. Royal Roastery offers you quality, freshness, and love in every ground, mixed, spiced, glazed, or custom product you choose. Roasted in house, we promise you’ll be able to taste the freshness in all of our products.

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Party Favors
Treat your guests to a sweet treat at your next event with our selection of party favors!
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Our EID BOX SPECIAL is here and has everything you need to make this holiday extra delicious for only $189.99, ships anywhere in the U.S. This divinely crafted Eid box includes only the finest of our Royal Roastery extensive gourmet selection.
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Parfai Mixed Chocolates
What sets our chocolates above the rest is the secret in its raw butter and cocoa flavors that is integrated with a Middle Eastern twist. Made from authentic Swiss chocolate, Parfai has created a divine selection of flavors such as green tea, Arabic ice cream, Oreos, and MORE!
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Turkish Delight

We bring Turkey to NOLA and now to the whole US with our beautiful website!