Bringing Coffee Culture from around the world to YOU!

Arabic coffee is appraised as one of the most distinctive types of coffee. It is a huge part of Middle Eastern culture. Arabic coffee is brought out during family gatherings, celebrations, holidays, and basically ALL THE TIME. What can we say? We love our coffee. 

If done right, it has a bold and airy sweet flavor. Arabic coffee is more than just coffee. It is a symbol of generosity and we are honored that we are able to bring that and much more to you. At Royal Roastery, we promise to provide only the highest quality of beans and ingredients from around the world. Our specialty coffee blends gather bold flavors from single-origin beans. Our unique selection of blends includes Columbian, Costa Rican, Arabic, Turkish, American, and MUCH MUCH MORE. Don’t believe us? Give us a try! We promise your satisfaction is guaranteed with every order you place. Keen to try a new flavor? No problem. You can customize and create your own coffee blend to your liking. We love it when you get creative!



Still have questions about our coffee? Give us a call, send us an email, or message us on our social media platforms. We are always more than happy to serve our customers. We know a thing or two about coffee and hope you enjoy it as much as we love offering it to you. 

With love, 

Royal Roastery NOLA Family