Why should you trust us to roast your mixed nuts/seeds?

You might be asking: why should you trust us to roast your mixed nuts/seeds?

We all know that roasted nuts and seeds are not only good for your health but also taste great. Many people underestimate the nutritional benefits that come from eating roasted nuts and seeds, which is crucial because they provide many nutrients including protein, fiber, minerals like potassium or zinc, as well as vitamins such as vitamin E. Roasted nuts and seeds are a convenient way to eat healthily. Nuts also contain more fat than most other food items but it's mostly unsaturated fats that lower cholesterol levels. The high content of minerals like magnesium helps regulate blood pressure as does their ability to reduce risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases, such as inflammation or oxidative stress.

Now that you are aware of the importance of nuts and seeds, it is important to know that they need to be roasted to perfection to ensure great tasting quality. You might be asking: why should you trust us to roast your mixed nuts and seeds? 

At Royal Roastery, we create the perfect blend of spices to flavor our nuts and seeds. Our roaster has curated a unique and diligent roasting process that entails every detail necessary to ensure you’re getting the freshest possible without any compromise. To ensure you can taste the freshness in every one of our items, Royal Roastery is dedicated to roasting all products on-site. With over 17 years of experience and a commitment to quality, it's easy for us to provide you with delicious treats.

Royal Roastery was founded with the goal of roasting the most delicious and fresh nuts in town, using our years of experience to create customized products for every taste. With over 17 years’ worth of knowledge behind us, we're confident you'll be able to see that Royal Roastery's roasted nut flavors are second-to-none!

Royal Roastery is committed not only to quality but also freshest ingredients from all around the globe; there's no such thing as substandard when it comes down to what goes into each batch at Royal Roastery. We use our expertise and high standards learned throughout nearly two decades in this industry so customers can enjoy truly mouthwatering treats like never before.

Still have questions about our roasted nuts and seeds? Give us a call, send us an email, or message us on our social media platforms. We are always more than happy to serve our customers. We know a thing or two about roasting and hope you enjoy our products as much as we love offering them to you. 

With love and gratitude, 

Royal Roastery NOLA Family