Jewel Qaenat Saffron - 5g - 100% Persian Saffron

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Jewel Qaenat Saffron

"Red Gold of Persia"

  • 5 grams
  • 100% Persian Saffron
  • Excellent Product from the city of Qaenat
Saffron has been known for more than centuries and it has gained a lot of usages in recent years. Saffron can be used as an aromatic flavor as well as a natural color for foods, candies, chocolates, drinks, etc. Saffron is a nutrient and mind booster plant which causes exhilaration, and it gains from Saffron flower stigma.
10 grams of Saffron are obtained from a thousand Saffron flowers.
JEWEL QAENAT SAFFRON is cultivated, harvested and collected in a completely hygienic process from the best parts of Persia. We also pride ourselves on being the best quality Saffron in the city of QAENAT.

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