Royal Roastery is a COFFEE roastery, that roasts fresh coffee on a daily basis and is located in BLOEMFONTEIN!

Coffee is part of our ordinary lives, but coffee does not have to taste ordinary!

All of us grew up with coffee. Coffee in the morning, coffee dates, coffee while we study and coffee when we had a rough day.

Coffee has been part of our lives since we can remember…

What we recently learned is that there is so much more to coffee than that well known taste we grew up with.

We found that if the coffee is fresh, it has different flavors and aromas, we realized that the way the beans are roasted will

influence the taste and we found that coffees from different parts of the world all have their own unique characteristics.

The way these coffee beans are roasted, plays a crucial part in the taste and characteristics of the coffee!

All of these things makes that special cup of coffee in the morning even MORE SPECIAL!

We take green beans, from different countries and roast them into a PERFECT

light, medium or dark roast..


We want you to experience extra-ordinary coffee with us.
Coffee that is as fresh as possible, with a rich crema, full body and an amazing aroma!


Our team consists out of four people that are all passionate about coffee!


Ruan & Anneke Immelman and Erina & Lourens Mellet the Royal Roastery team.

Our Team (Photo taken by Loren B Photography Bloemfontein)


We use arabica green beans from Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia.

Coffee beans & ground coffee
Coffee beans & ground coffee


The coffee roaster we use to roast all our delicious coffees
The coffee roaster we use to roast all our delicious coffees (photo taken by Loren B photography Bloemfontein)


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